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Azayim truly celebrates your love and passion for cooking. We at Azayim have in-house specialists who manage the process right from the procurement stage until it reaches you. While preparing our matured premium Azayim Basmati rice, witness as each fluffy individual rice grain separates and releases its unique and characteristic aroma, expanding to a distinctive grain length for you to indulge guilt free. We age our rice grain for at least 24 months to bring you its unparalleled wholesome goodness.

Azayim Rice
Azayim Rice



We harvest the best quality organic traditional basmati rice in India, while tracking the whole growing process starting with the seeds and the proper watering, all the way to the plants and the eventual unique harvesting.


We age our rice grain for 24 months at least to bring you its wholesome goodness with the irresistible aromatic smell.

We deliver. You enjoy.

Save yourself a trip to the store and enjoy tasty premium basmatu rice – how delicious is that?

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What makes us different

We have one of the best quality basmati rice on the market.

AZAYIM Premium Aged Basmati XXL Rice contains the longest grains in the market with only 1% of breakage. Creating longer grains is harder and more time consuming, for that reason all commercial brands stopped this type of harvest. Not only did we bring quality back, but we provide the best prices as well.

Compared to 99% of all commercial rice, AZAYIM RICE grains are lighter in weight. Thus giving the consumer a more economical solution with more quality rice for much less money. Proving the point that we hacked the system.

Produced traditionally in the finest mills in India, AZAYIM RICE ages all the harvest for at least 2 years before packaging. This process gives the grain a unique aromatic smell and a superior palatable taste.